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Psychology and Social Justice

Smedley Psychological Services strongly believes in a holistic and social-justice oriented approach to mental health services, as it is imperative to meet people where they are while integrating the whole person/system into diagnosis and treatment. The same is true for supporting the needs of a program or agency. Dr. Smedley has a passion for diversity and advocacy, which promotes access to the mental health system for people of all communities. Dr. Smedley also prioritizes the mental wellness for people of color in therapeutic spaces, recognizing the many disparities that are present in the representation of Black professionals in the field. She is passionate about educating colleagues, clients, and the public about the importance of addressing disparities and clinical/cultural blindspots in the field of psychology. 

Leadership and Mentoring

Dr. Smedley greatly values genuine, growth-oriented relationships. She often refers to the many leaders from her personal and professional life who have influenced her growth and success, and she subsequently feels it is imperative to 'Pay It Forward." She has engaged in many leadership training experiences and has also invited young people or early career psychology students to have conversations about goals, questions, or challenges experienced in their growth. Dr. Smedley knows that in order to strengthen the community, you must share your story with those coming behind you, especially to maintain a pipeline of Black students entering the profession.   

Psychology and Faith

As a woman of faith and a seminary-trained psychologist, Dr. Smedley greatly values each individual and community religious and spiritual values. To practice psychology without acknowledgement of the mind-soul the connection is a negligent, less than optimal approach, especially in communities of color. Dr. Smedley believes that our faith impacts our value systems, decision making, relationship styles, and it factors into our resilience.  It can also be an important factor to unpack when exploring relationships, traumas, and triggers.  Dr. Smedley's research background in trauma and spirituality has been an important investment in clinical approach.

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