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Before the Broom: A Premarital Workbook for Dating, Engaged, and Newly Married African-American Couples

Are you Black and in love? Strengthen your bond and discover true intimacy with your partner before you “Jump the Broom.”

Dear Black Girl: Essential Guided Reflections to Celebrate You

This workbook is specifically designed as a guided journal for Black Girls to have a starting place to explore mental and emotional wellness. I strongly believe in the power of writing and journaling but find that many people don't know where to start; it can also be a great resource to explore in therapy.  

Reflect, Process, Heal:  A Guided Journal to Explore Generational Trauma

Many of us carry various aspects of generational trauma from our personal and family histories. Journaling is a great way to process these experiences and become aware of the things that we carry. This is a great tool for anyone to explore their past, identify current patterns and identify ways to make changes and new patterns.

Reclaiming Our Space:  A Devotional Journal for the Black Woman of Faith

This devotional was created for Black women to simultaneously explore their faith and mental health through culturally relevant devotions. It contains 30 devotionals with quotes that are taken from scriptures, African proverbs, or powerful Black women in the community.

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