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Healing. Education. Empowerment.

Smedley Psychological Services, LLC, is a mental health practice and consulting company located in Washington, DC.  It was founded on the premise that people, especially of historically marginalized groups, are worthy of healing, were created with an abundance of resilience, and are victorious!  We aim provide servic​es that are rooted in the need to 'Normalize Help' within communities of color and greatly reduce stigma by providing therapeutic, consultative and educational services to the community and other providers.  The company exists with a whole-hearted belief that everyone has the capacity for growth and ability to thrive beyond his/her current mindset.  These beliefs are embodied through a strength-based, culturally-informed approach.  



Clinical Services are vital to promoting change and growth on an individual, family, and community level.  

Contact for info about therapy and assessment services.

Trainings/Speaking Engagements

Trainings/Speaking Engagements are available for mental health professionals, professionals who work with the public, and community members.

Program Evaluation and Development

Consultations are available to identify ways that services can be provided by your agency.

Smedley Psychological Services

Dr. Jessica Smedley, a licensed clinical psychologist, strongly believes in empowering others by providing supportive services, sharing educational information and advocating for the needs of the public, especially those impacted by health disparities.  Smedley Psychological Services was created with a vision of serving those who are motivated for change, passionate about growth, and to promote the necessity of mental wellness.

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